Q. ARE loft shows open to the public?

A. The LOFT Eyewear Show is an eyewear industry only event.


Q. Do i have to register or make an appointment to visit the loft locations and vendors?

A. We do not require registration to visit our event, however, we strongly advise visitors to make appointments with the companies whose collections they most want to see.

Q. What days IS the LOFT open?

A. LOFT SF is open Sunday September 15 thru Monday September 16 from 11am - 8pm.


Q. is it far to walk from the javits center to the Loft?

A. It’s very close. LOFT NYC is 1 block from the front door of the Javits Center. We have the main LOFT venue on 36th St and then 2 more venues on 37th St and 38th St respectively. These 2 venues are connected by a breezeway. There are many exclusive independent collections showing in each space. See our Directions page for more details.

Q. Are the loft events catered?

A. Yes. The LOFT SF offers visiting buyers and staff lunch and snacks at the venue. We also have coffee available and wine and beer in the afternoon.


Q. I’ve heard that the loft parties are the best! How do I get in?

A. The LOFT Eyewear Show parties have become the stuff of legend over the years. It’s been a while since we have had a rooftop event but maybe this year the weather will cooperate. Even still the indoor events are a lot of fun. We only have limited space to have our parties so getting a much sought after ticket can be difficult. We will be releasing a couple of hundred tickets closer to the event date so stay tuned!


Q. How do I exhibit at a loft show?

A. The LOFT Eyewear Shows are specifically a high end/luxury eyewear independent event. You can contact us through the site if you are interested in exhibiting in the future. We do generally have a waiting list.