Loft is the longest running and largest independent eyewear show in the Americas

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The journey

The story of the LOFT is one of passion and independence. The concept was born from the idea of community within the independent sector of the eyewear industry. In the beginning it was the driving momentum of something different that drew the companies together. Pretty soon the feeling started to become infectious as more and more eyewear junkies began to open new stores and boutiques. From those humble beginnings our show has expanded to cater for all these eclectic and fiercely independent design houses.

Now more than ever, the gap between mainstream and independent seems larger. Big box companies are consolidating and the product channels are ever more generic. Small independent designers are finally getting noticed as more and more business owners look for a point of difference. These treasures can be found in the independent eyewear movement worldwide. Niche eyewear shows are popping up all over the globe to foster this market. End consumers are being educated about design and small batch quantities, asking retailers to stock their favorite collections.

The future has always been independent!

The future is now!


Loft is a must see event on the annual trade show calendar…

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Loft History


2000 - Bevel and Face a Face teamed up to start the LOFT NYC experience as longtime friends and one time roommates! First location was on 34th street in a private loft.

2002 - LOFT NYC moved to 35th street to Splashlight Studios - a very cool photo studio that was demolished in 2008 as part of the New York Subway construction project.

2008 - LOFT NYC finds it’s new home on 36th street at Skylight West and invite several other companies/friends to join including SALT and Ramassia.

2013 - The first LOFT LV is held at the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas. A truly pioneering event that included more of our friends Luxe Lab, Götti, Freudenhaus, Rolf Spectacles, Bellinger, Entourage Of 7 and Blac.

2014 - Stronger than ever, we managed to preserve the camaraderie and synergy that makes the LOFT NYC what it is. We added Rolf Spectacles to the exclusive lineup of unique independent designers and LOFT LV fulfilled every promise to be even bigger than the year before with over 30 independent designers represented…it was very exciting!

2015 - LOFT LV is now bigger and better than it’s ever been. 36 luxury collections in the same place has made us the premiere luxury eyewear destination in Las Vegas this year. Our reputation for putting on a great and successful show has been solidified over the last 2 years and this year proved no different.

2016 - LOFT NYC was again a magnificent event with our solid core collections all having a great show once again. With 42 brands at LOFT LV this year, we really are a destination that no independent buyer can ignore. Two full floors, with a mix of established and new brands from all over the world. It was a fantastic event. 

2017 -  We presented a brand new 2 level concept at LOFT NYC which turned out to be a smash hit! So many more independent collections were on show and it was very well received and attended. In Las Vegas we debuted an entirely new show, moving from the Mandarin to the magnificent Keep Memory Alive facility which was designed by Frank Gehry. The show was our biggest yet in terms of vendors and new collections and the space was magnificent. We also presented an amazing panel discussion format called Viewpoint which featured 10 successful women in the optical field.

2019 - Our event in NYC expanded in 2019 to an extra 2 new buildings 1 block away from our main site. We welcomed many new and exciting vendors including Mykita, who along with Salt, anchored these new spaces. We have just completed a very successful new venture creating an independent eyewear event over a weekend in San Francisco!!


Never apologize for being independent. We don’t…